Our permanent concern for customers made us evolve and we can always meet customers current needs.”, Elpreco Romania – website.

Elpreco, a member of CRH Group, implemented that principles set out on its own website and wished to benefit from Neomar’s services also this year by continuing the customer satisfaction survey.

Which was the main goal of the project?

The survey was conducted by phone and the respondents were construction companies and distributors of AAC, pavements, precast concrete elements for water and sewage. The main objective of the study was to fully analyze the level of customer satisfaction in relation to Elpreco’s performance.

Among the aspects analyzed we like to list a few:

  • Overall customers satisfaction level regarding the collaboration with Elpreco
  • Customers suggestions for improving Elpreco’s activity
  • The level of customer satisfaction in relation to the product range
  • Market positioning of products in comparison with competition
  • Customers satisfaction regarding Elpreco’s customer service or technical assistance
  • The main customer suggestions for improving Elpreco’s customer service
  • The level of customer satisfaction regarding customer service (orders, complaints, etc.).
  • The level of customer satisfaction in relation to logistic services
  • Level of satisfaction with customer service / technical assistance / technical support
  • Customers main suggestions for expanding/strengthening collaboration with Elpreco

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