The title of this news may seem redundant at first, but we also want to share with you methodologically the volume of information we gathered by implementing this new study on roofing.

So, during June-August, 2018, we conducted a survey with 400 respondents, over the phone, directly or indirectly interested in metallic roofing systems topic.

  1. 200 distributors and fitters for metal roofing systems, with the help of which we could determine:
  • Comparative analysis of brand positioning according to performance criteria
  • Analysis of the main reasons for which distributors/fitters work with some suppliers
  • Analysis regarding the availability and motivation for collaborating with other suppliers
  • Identification of the main barriers for new collaborations
  • Determining distributors’ level of satisfaction regarding the products and services offered
  • Suppliers’ influence on the final price requested by the distributor
  • Identification of the main additional services offered to the final customers together with the product (transport, assembly, etc.)
  • Determining how the distributor can influence the customer’s final choice through counseling / technical explanations
  • Determinate the availability of promotional materials (banners, posters, stickers, etc.) at the dealer’s location.
  • Analyzing the awareness of promotional campaigns developed by suppliers over the past 12 months
  1. 200 end users, for metallic roof systems, have shared with us their buying experience, allowing us to determine what influenced their decision:
  • Awareness regarding the major roofing system brands
  • Factors influencing the choice of a certain type/brand (eg architects, designer, specialists, friends, acquaintances)
  • Analysis of the main sources of information through which customers identified the dealer from whom they bought the products: how the customers identified the distributor; sources of information; how many proposals they analyzed, from how many distributors
  • End users preferences regarding who is qualified and should do the assembly works. Influences and conditionalities related to the assembly for direct/online sales
  • Identify the most common (commercial or technical) issues that occur during the buying process
  • Customer satisfaction regarding complaints and the resolution of the complaint
  • Determinate a socio-demographic profile of clients/sources of funding

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