Neomar Consulting is pleased to announce the completion of the third annual report on “The Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Market in Romania”.

Presentation of the Report

The latest edition of the analysis of the photovoltaic industry in Romania, entitled “Analysis of the market of photovoltaic systems and solar electricity in Romania, edition 2024”, the first initiative of this kind in Romania, now in its 3rd consecutive edition, analyzes in depth the current state of the photovoltaic and solar energy market in Romania, providing a detailed examination of market dynamics, growth opportunities and technological advancements.

Key Findings and Information

  • According to the study, we are witnessing an exponential growth of the market in recent years. The photovoltaic electrical capacities installed in recent years have increased spectacularly, for example, by 24% in 2022 and by 71% in 2023, compared to previous years.
  • Neomar calculations show us that there are approximately 3 GW of capacity installed at the end of 2023, with approximately 110,000 prosumers (~1.5 GW) and approximately 650 photovoltaic parks (~1.5 GW), in various stages of implementation.
  • The largest increase in installed capacities, from the perspective of natural persons using photovoltaic systems, was in the counties of Timis, Ilfov, Arad, Dolj, Bihor, and from the perspective of prosumers of legal entities (factories, retail, logistics, etc.), the most big increase was in the counties of Timis, Ilfov, Arad, Dolj, Bihor, in 2023.
  • The data from the report show that the market value of photovoltaic systems in Romania has exceeded 1.5 billion. EUR in 2023.
  • As for the potential of the local market, the report shows, it is huge, considering that the penetration of photovoltaic systems, at the level of eligible households, was only 1.62%, at the national level, in Romania, in 2023. Thus, it estimates Neomar Consulting experts that, in the medium and long term, the potential of the photovoltaic system market (including panels, auxiliary components, installation, design, legal services, etc.) is over 23 billion. EUR.

Market Dynamics and Trends: The report identifies the main trends shaping the photovoltaic market in Romania, including increasing government support, advances in solar technology and increasing consumer awareness of renewable energy. It highlights how these factors contribute to the rapid growth and evolution of the market.

Growth Opportunities: Neomar’s analysis identifies specific growth areas in the photovoltaic sector. This includes the potential for residential and commercial solar installations, the expansion of solar parks and the integration of PV systems into various industrial applications. The report also explores emerging opportunities in related sectors such as energy storage and smart grid technologies.

Technological Advances: The 2024 edition places significant emphasis on the latest technological innovations driving the photovoltaic market. It covers advances in solar panel efficiency, new materials and manufacturing processes, and advances in energy storage solutions. These technological developments are crucial for stakeholders who want to remain competitive in the ever-evolving market.

Regulatory Framework: A detailed analysis of the regulatory framework governing the photovoltaic market in Romania is provided. The report highlights the current policies, incentives and subsidies that favor the growth of the market. It also discusses possible regulatory changes and their anticipated impact on the industry.

Market Forecasts and Projections: Using advanced forecasting models, Neomar provides detailed market projections for years to come. This section provides valuable insights into the expected market size, growth rates, and potential challenges that stakeholders may face.

Expertise and Methodology – How the data from the study was collected.

To create the report, multiple sources of information were synergistically analyzed:

  • Interviews with over 300 companies specialized in the installation, design and marketing of photovoltaic equipment
  • Interviews with experts in the field
  • Analysis of public data from official sources and public companies (INS, ANRE, EuroStat, Transelectrica and others).
  • The result is a report that not only presents current market conditions from multiple perspectives, but also provides forward-looking information essential for strategic planning.

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