Clarify the last questions before making an important decision

Through its studies, Neomar Consulting offers an overview of the target market. You can thus plan your new investment in detail and size up a realistic business plan, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Check-list for entering a new market

The key information you need before starting a new investment is illustrated below. This is the minimum amount of information that Neomar Consulting delivers in a typical study for the foundation of a new investment.

  1. The size of the target market and its evolution
  2. Competition – how strong is it and how is it positioned?
  3. Consumer needs – likely evolution
  4. The level of market prices and their future evolution.
  5. Distribution channels – how do the products get from the supplier to the final consumer? What influence does it have and how strong is each link?
    Influence factors of the market.

We will provide you with a series of indicators and even recommendations that will help you immediately identify the right decision.


Here are some studies specific to entering a new market carried out by Neomar Consulting in the period 2006-2013:

  • Assistance and consulting services provided to the Metinvest company (the 4th largest company in Eastern Europe) for entering the Romanian market.
  • Assistance and specialized studies in Eastern European countries in the field of thermal insulation panels and coverings
  • Feasibility study for a new investment in the production of ceramic blocks and tiles.
  • The public issue of shares of the Teraplast company
  • The public issue of shares and the listing on the stock exchange of the company Alumil
  • The foundation of the investment of the Plastsistem company (part of the Teraplast group) in the thermal insulation panel factory.
  • The expansion of the Ramplast division of the Oltchim company – by increasing the production capacity of PVC profiles

Our studies accompanied the technical documentation submitted to financiers in the case of many other clients.

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