Why is it necessary?

Both your company and many others need databases with potential clients in order to use them in sales or marketing activities (e.g. running campaigns, telemarketing, etc.). Unfortunately, often the databases available from various sources (catalogues, specialized suppliers, etc.) present a series of problems:

  1. Updating contact data is deficient
  2. The degree of “matching” of the database records with the needs of the company is reduced
  3. The level of detail of the database is reduced

All these shortcomings ultimately result in the reduced productivity of sales agents or in the lack of efficiency of marketing actions carried out on the side of these databases.

That’s why Neomar Consulting offers specialized database creation services with 100% personalized and 100% verified content.

The advantages of a 100% customized and verified database:

  1. More motivated and efficient sales staff. Your sales agents no longer waste time identifying customers or visiting customers who do not have a high potential for collaboration. Go to the target: offer agents a database that allows them to immediately contact a company and immediately start the sales cycle.
  2. High efficiency of marketing campaigns. Run the campaign only on the target audience. In this way, you can objectively measure the effectiveness of these campaigns and adjust your strategies according to the market’s response. Running campaigns on an inadequate database can give you a misleading feedback on the proposal you make to clients.
  3. Better market coverage. Often, database providers do not have an exhaustive set of records that practically guarantees that you will cover a good part of the market.All the above advantages ultimately translate into better financial results.

Make the database the way you want it!

We can create a database that is 100% personalized

  • only companies with a certain field of activity
  • only companies with a certain number of employees (minimum, maximum, in a range)
  • only companies with a certain turnover (minimum, maximum, within a range)
  • only companies that use a particular product or service
  • only companies located in a certain geographical area

Provided information

Normally, about each company inserted in the database, Neomar Consulting provides the following information as standard:

  • Full name of the company
  • Telephone, fax, mobile phone (if any)
  • Full address
  • Contact person (general director / technical / procurement)
  • Email address and presentation website address (if any)
  • The field of activity of the company – the type of activity carried out
  • Size indicators of the company (number of employees, turnover, profit) for the last fiscal year about which there is public information.
  • Depending on the client’s requirements, other value-added information about the company’s suppliers, its products, how to use some products or services and others is added to the above details.

Concrete examples of completed projects

Flat glass processors in Romania

Have been included here all companies that process glass by cutting. One of the conditions for selection is to acquire raw glass in large quantities (wooden-box 3×3 m size). Have been identified and delivered to the customer about. 320 companies that buy glass in large quantities. Subsequently, this database has been used successfully by our client’s sales department.

Architects, designers and engineers for civil constructions

Approximately 2500 companies were selected out of 5,000 companies. During validation have been removed companies specialized in installations, geo-topographic surveys, land planning, industrial sites design, etc.

Users of decorative glass

This was one of the most difficult projects. Were identified about. 300 of the most relevant users of decorative glass (opaque glass, embossed glass, etc.). In the list were included producers of furniture, doors and windows, interior decorators and other companies.

All wooden furniture manufacturers in Romania

Approximately 4500 companies were identified and submitted to our client. The database included both large producers but also small companies. The database was subsequently used for sales promotion and direct marketing campaigns.

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