Development of export markets

We successfully conducted a series of projects focused on Eastern European countries (Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, etc.) and Turkey. We have developed specific techniques for researching foreign markets and now we can help your company to extend abroad.

- Cercetare de piață și consultanță de marketing

Research your target market before investing in developing exports

You can see our help how large or attractive are these export markets, how intense is the competition, which are the distribution channels most used and which is the clients’ consumption and buying behavior. Read more about our market entry studies.

Will help you identify potential foreign partners

Before investing in developing sales operations in a foreign market or even taking part to specialized fair or exposition, which usually requires a significant budget, we advise you to consider investing into a database with potential partners. How many there are, where they are located, that is their level of interest?

We can provide:

  • Databases with potential foreign partners. We provide a detailed database of hundreds of potential partners, especially the type of activity you select your advantages …
  • Qualified potential partners and sales leads. Your benefits:
    • We discuss with all potential customers previously identified and included in our specialized database. We discuss with those companies by using specialized consultants which are also native speakers of that foreign language.
    • Further to the discussion, you will get detailed information about each company interested in your products, key decision people and how these companies would like to work with your company.

Advantages of a fair study carried out on a new foreign market

  1. Enables a correct sizing of the market
  2. Allows an identification and sizing of relevant segments and niches that can be exploited successfully
  3. Allows identifying the most appropriate distribution channels
  4. Allows setting of realistic goals
  5. Allows an optimal allocation of company resources (sales team, marketing budgets) in correlation with the proposed objectives

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