- Cercetare de piață și consultanță de marketing

You can use these studies to get a complete picture of the perceptions, motivations and attitudes of your customers/consumers. Through these studies, you can identify a number of aspects that cannot be captured by other types of research:

  • Accurate understanding of consumer behavior

  • Determining the motivations underlying the choice of a product (often, the purchase is made on emotional criteria and not on objective criteria – and it is important to know what those are)

  • Determining how consumer requirements are met by your product.

  • Identifying hidden or even unconscious needs

  • Testing the degree of acceptance of a new product, generating ideas for it to maximize its impact on the market.

In short: You can find out WHY your customers behave in a certain way. The determining factors of this behavior and how you can benefit from it. The main methodologies by which qualitative studies are performed:

  • Focus Group;

  • Face-to-face interviews;

  • Individual in-depth interviews;

  • Interviews with experts;

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