Mystery Shopping on technical and industrial products

Three key questions

  1. Which are the impressions the clients are leaving after the first contact with your company?
  2. Do you know what happened to those clients asking for an offer and then not giving up any feedback?
  3. Do you want a conversion rate of potential customers higher than your competition?

In a stagnant or recessive market, the only option for survival is having a conversion rate of potential customers into clients higher than the market average. Even if you have a higher quality product than the competition, the customer must be provided with a pleasant shopping experience. Often, long before coming in contact with the product itself, the customer comes in contact with your sales personnel.

We can help you see clearly how customers are experiencing your sales services through a Mystery Shopping project.

What can you learn from such a project?

  • Monitor customer interaction with your company and its competition
  • See how your employees respond to customer requirements compared to competitors
  • See how you can improve „pre-purchase” customer experiences in order to increase clients conversion rate.

Did you give up buying from a certain company even if the products were good?

Did you ever…

…give up going to your favorite restaurant because of serving, even if the food was good?
…quit working with a bank because of complicated procedures or impolite personnel?
…give up a car service or because of impolite mechanics or front-office staff, even if the repairs were good and affordable

What are the reasons?

In 90% of such cases, customers are lost because two main reasons:

  1. Unprofessional behavior of staff in contact with customers (lack of training, impolite, carelessness, negligence, etc.)
  2. Internal operational procedures inadequate (slow processes, bureaucracy, etc.)

10 measures with immediate impact and minimum cost that you can apply (resulting from a Mystery Shopping project)

  1. Fine-tune customer response or client treatment by your sales personnel
  2. Adjust the technical training of staff
  3. Improve response time to request for offers. The faster you respond, the better chances are to win the client.
  4. Upgrade the clarity of your sales pitch/offers. A clear and comprehensive offer always has better chances.
  5. Improve the follow-up. As more information about the status of your offers you’ll have, the more you can improve their success rate.
  6. Test and adjust internal procedures. Eliminate any inconveniences for customers caused by your internal organization.
  7. Adjust your pricing policy, if needed.
  8. Evaluate, if necessary, the commercial policy (discounts, promotions, payment terms and delivery) in order to be competitive
  9. Remove communication barriers. As the customer can easily reach you, you’ll have more inquiries.
  10. Identify new ways to better manage customer objections or questions.

Do I really need this?

Here’s what we saw recently in a real project:

What we analyzed?

100 suppliers of construction material were approached by our consultants disguised potential customers and asked for an offer.

Relevant findings form our research:

  • 17% – Missing or incorrect contact details on their website – so impossible to be contacted by the client
  • 7% responded to the offer after 3-4 days – probably the client already made a decision
  • 43% – did not answer the request for offer! Basically almost 1 in 2 clients is lost without a battle!
  • Only 31% provided proper technical and commercial offers. The remaining 69% of the offers were sketchy and unconvincing
  • 81% of suppliers treated client’s request superficially, not seeing a technical incompatibility
  • Only 9% asked for a feedback further to submitting the offer
  • Only 9% of dealers can be considered truly competitive with a flawless sales approach

Think how much costs a lost customer. But 100? Then see our proposal.

Think, in particular, how much cost a lost customer that you lose after entering your store or being in direct contact with your company? I mean all the costs to attract the client.

Because you probably understand the need for such a project, we can effectively conduct for you a Mystery Shopping project. It will be deployed quickly and delivered on your desk along with our recommendations.

We can guarantee that you can recover your investment in 1-2 months by earn extra customers.

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