Lead generation

Success of your sales team depends heavily by the quality of the databases with potential clients.

Why waste time with the creation of various databases when you can use productively existing ones?
Neomar Consulting offers 100% verified and customizable database with potential clients.

We include in the database only companies ….

  • have a specific activity (based on NACE classification)
  • have a specific number of employees (minimum, maximum, in a range)
  • have a specific yearly turnover (minimum, maximum, in a range)
  • use a specific product / service
  • belong to certain geographical area

… or other criteria we agree together.

And then we profile them according to your specific requirements and interests!

To avoid your sales agents wasting time with irrelevant customers, we provide value-added information about each company included in the database.

We do this by verifying each record in the database and asking pre-qualification questions such as:

  • products / services used (customer needs);
  • how they use the products / services?
  • are they willing to try new products / services?
  • expansion plans for the near future, etc.
  • actual company’s suppliers (information about your competitors);
  • purchase frequency and quantity ordered;

Advantages of a 100% customized and verified database.

Go to the target!

  1. Sales personnel better motivated and more efficient
    Your sales agents don’t need waste time with irrelevant clients or incorrect contacts. Our databases allow them to immediately contact a target company and initiate the sales cycle immediately.
  2. High efficiency marketing campaigns.
    Include only the target audience in your advertising campaigns. This way you can objectively measure the effectiveness of our communication strategies and you can adjust depending on market response. Conducting a campaign with an inappropriate database can provide false feedback and misled your expectations towards the target market.
  3. Better market coverage.
    Most general databases providers do not have a comprehensive set of records and cover only a fraction of the target market. Neomar Consulting usually provides in its databases more than 90% of relevant clients available in Romania for a specific business.

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