Statistical analyzes and surveys

Qualitative research

You can use these studies to get a complete picture of the perceptions, motivations and attitudes of your customers/consumers. Through these studies, you can identify a number of aspects that cannot be captured by other types of research:

  • Accurate understanding of consumer behavior
  • Determining the motivations underlying the choice of a product (often, the purchase is made on emotional criteria and not on objective criteria – and it is important to know what those are)
  • Determining how consumer requirements are met by your product.
  • Identifying hidden or even unconscious needs
  • Testing the degree of acceptance of a new product, generating ideas for it to maximize its impact on the market.

In short: You can find out WHY your customers behave in a certain way. The determining factors of this behavior and how you can benefit from it. The main methodologies by which qualitative studies are performed:

  • Focus Group;
  • Face-to-face interviews;
  • Individual in-depth interviews;
  • Interviews with experts;

Quantitative research

If through qualitative studies you find out why consumers behave in a certain way, you can now also find out how many of them behave this way. You can find out in this way what impact your actions will have or have had on the market:

  • What is the level of consumer awareness and information regarding your offer?
  • What is the degree of satisfaction of your own customers? But those of the competition?
  • Identification of consumption behavior:
    • how much does it consume?
    • what does he eat
    • where do you eat?
    • how do you consume?
    • where do you buy?
    • how much does he pay
    • why did you choose a product?
  • Identification of unsatisfied needs and market niches.
  • Testing new products and packaging.
  • Determining the optimal price.

The main methodologies applied for quantitative studies are:

  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
  • Face-to-face interviews at the respondent’s home / headquarters
  • Online Interviews (CAWI)
  • Any combination of the above methods

Depending on the type of client, the quantitative studies are Business to Consumer and Business-to-Business.

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