In order to offer our customers more insights about the evolution of the pre-painted galvanized steel market, in Romania, Neomar Consulting conducted a detailed analysis of this industrial segment.

Pre-painted galvanized steel is basically the main raw material used in the production of building materials such as sandwich panels, trapezoidal profiled sheet or roofing metallic products.

The analysis of pre-painted galvanized steel consumption is basically a barometer for measuring the evolution of the Romanian metal profiling industry.

Who should read this analysis?

  • Suppliers of prepainted galvanized steel
  • Distributors or importers of pre-painted steel
  • Other companies in the industry of sheet metal profiling and contouring services

Which is the table of contents of this analysis?

Neomar Consulting’s research provides an overview of the size of the market and of the trends in this sector.

The detailed content of the report can be accessed by a simple click!