How is it done?

To carry out this study, we will analyze practically all sources of information currently available and usable in efficient conditions:

We will gather direct information directly from competitors in the industry.

  • We conduct direct interviews with the main competitors on the Romanian market. They will be interviewed:
    • the main suppliers of PVC profile systems,
    • the main suppliers of aluminum profile systems
    • the main suppliers of glass in Romania
    • the main producers of heat-insulating carpentry – finished product – from Romania
  • The interviews will be direct, held primarily at the headquarters of the interviewed company. The interviews are carried out by Neomar Consulting consultants with a person with a management position from each investigated company (general director, commercial director, marketing director, brand manager, product manager).
  • Information will be collected by completing a questionnaire by the players interviewed at the level of the studied market segments.
  • An opinion survey will be carried out on a sample of about 150-200 heat-insulating carpentry producers from Romania

We analyze all statistical information from other official sources

  • Neomar Consulting consultants will collect, in addition to the above, additional data from all official and semi-official information sources such as:
    • Other reports and profile analyses,
    • Public information about companies, stock market reports, official financial data
    • Press articles, internet, other sources
    • All relevant information from the National Institute of Statistics and other institutions (Eurostat)

All these data will later be analyzed and structured in a report. This is the methodology we use year after year in a series of similar studies, with success.