To carry out this unprecedented research, Neomar Consulting has developed a new methodology; that combines classic interviews with mobile applications and electronic devices.

Basically, with a smartphone application, MC 350 (an app with a connected device that measures different types of comfort), we were able to collect relevant information from approximate 200 office buildings from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Iasi.

The data collected were: temperaturenoiseilluminance and humidity, essential parameters to determine the pre-existing work environment, in order to identify the necessary solutions for increasing the level of comfort and implicitly productivity and health for the employees.

At the sample level, the study was conducted on two categories of respondents:

  1. Architecture companies, in addition to measuring the comfort parameters, the participants were asked to answer a questionnaire on the type of projects / applications made in the last year and the (specific / non-specific) requirements of the beneficiaries (end users) of such projects.
  2. Together with companies from various fields of activity, representatives responded to a mini questionnaire on pre-existing comfort level.

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