In 2019, Neomar Consulting conducted a new mystery shopping research that took place face to face, unannounced, in distributors showroom (including DIY). Distributors wich sale masonry materials and roofing products.

Our research had the following objectives:

  • Identifying the product placement (banners/product samples inside/outside of the showroom), the number of products exhibited in the showroom.
  • Analyzing/identifying details / commercial informations
  • Analyzing/identifying of sales prices for 3-4 products in some specific categories
  • Analyzing/identifying the first recommended brand (as well as the reasons for the recommendation)
  • Analysis/identification of a secondary recommendation
  • Getting distributors opinions on brands/products recommended to customers
  • Identifying negotiated prices – discounts and/or commercial facilities (transportation, etc) offered by the distributor
  • Analyzing/identifying the promotional campaigns

Here are some methodological insights into our research:

The study was conducted in over 60 sales locations in the first 15 cities in Romania. After receiving the proposals and promotional materials from distributors, Neomar analyzed (in addition to aspects above-mentioned ):

  • Prices for masonry and roofing materials
  • Recommended brands (for which we received an offer), as well as the reasons for the recommendation
  • Comportment and professionalism of sales agents of distributors
  • Which type of offer they submitted (right away, after a few days, via e-mail, so on)

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