Neomar Consulting conducted, during October-November 2018, comprehensive research about thermal insulating products, with the participation of 350 specialists from our country.

Basically, we’ve assessed the level of satisfaction of the key representatives from the field of distribution, construction, assembly works and architecture, in relation to services and products offered by suppliers of mineral wool.

The research was conducted on the phone and the results were interesting, here are some research findings:

  • Notoriety/perception in relation to the brands of thermal insulating materials
  • Comparative analysis of the main brands positioning according to the performance criteria (quality, product range, etc.)
  • The degree of loyalty in relation to the services and products offered
  • Brand/product recommendation to customers and business partners
  • Analise of notoriety for the promotional campaigns and suggestions for new marketing actions
  • Suggestions and proposals for improving technical, logistical services, etc.

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