Neomar Consulting’s annual research provides exclusive information about the market for precast concrete elements of small dimensions (ex: slabs, paving elements, concrete borders, concrete blocks, concrete gutters, elements for fences, etc.). Data that can not be found in other sources such as official statistics or balance sheet data.

The research was conducted 100% independently and impartially at Neomar Consulting initiative and addresses:

  • Suppliers of small-sized precast concrete elements
  • Suppliers of equipment and raw materials for the small-sized precast concrete industry
  • Investors interested in the construction and/or of the small-sized precast concrete industry

Unique benefits and information outputs of this analysis:

  • A complete overview of the precast concrete market in Romania;
  • Allows a better estimation of the existing market trends and market potential
  • Understand the competition: economic and financial information regarding main competitors in this industry presented as a data-sheet
  • Allows you to set realistic goals for the following period
  • Adjust your marketing and sales strategy according to the market outlook

For more information, please access the page dedicated to the project!