We appreciate the partnership with Saint-Gobain Glass Romania and 13 years of uninterrupted collaboration, allow us to conclude that Saint-Gobain Glass relies on our expertise and experience to objectively conduct its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Repetitive surveys have shown that the level of Customer Satisfaction towards the company increased from year to year due to the fact that the supplier has pre-met the expectations of its customers in good time!

More specifically; the overall level of satisfaction gradually increased, from year to year, based on an accumulation of factors such as product range, competence, treatment and response time of customer service and technical support teams, marketing and logistics support, etc.

As in previous editions, in 2020 we also kindly ask a representative sample of customers (from 8 countries, including Romania) to participate in our research. The information was collected in a structured way, through an interview of approximately 20 minutes (by phone and online), in which a range of topics was highlighted:

  • product range
  • loyalty
  • sales team
  • technical support teams
  • customer service
  • logistics performance
  • company websites
  • promotional and informative materials
  • marketing actions, etc.

The study results provide annually to the management of Saint-Gobain Glass Romania a series of essential information for coordinating the marketing and sales activity and is a useful tool for evaluating the global performance of the company in terms of customer perception.

Contact us to discuss the implementation of such a project! We guarantee that it will be at least an interesting experience!