A category that has remained relatively constant in the last year in terms of value and volume, the sausage market has undergone major changes in purchasing behavior.

The sausage category has maintained its constant over the past year, both in terms of sales value and volumes sold.Thus, between August
2022 and July 2023 compared to August 2021 – July 2022, sausages registered a slight increase of 1.4% in value and 1.8% in volume. At the
category level, salami holds the largest market share, of 26% in value terms and 21% in volume terms, closely followed by specialties such as
tenderloin, neck, sausage or caltabos, with a market share of 19% in value and 12% in volume.

Poultry meat remains the favorite of Romanian consumers, showing a monthly consumption of over 1.7 kg per capita.

Pork is the second most bought category, but data from Neomar Consulting show that consumption was on a downward slope in the first half of the year, although the market value increased.

Meat consumption in Romania has been on the rise in recent years, supported by the increase in population incomes, and although this year
the pork market, at least, shows signs of faltering according to statistical data, a series of habits are emerging that raise the stake of retailers and producers on premium products, smaller weights, but also Romanian products.