Our new research about the sandwich panels market in the Republic of Moldova, reveals a market increase with 6%, in 2019, compared with 2018. Relying on consistent and credible data our report is so far the only market research available regarding sandwich panels market in Moldova.

But the macroeconomic situation allows a sustainable increase or a stabilization of this market? All we can reveal, for the moment, is that the report includes also historical data for the 2012 – 2019 timeframe, in order to better outline market trends and other relevant developments.

You can find detailed information in the report regarding the following topics:

  • Sandwich panels market size
  • Competition, market shares
  • Market segmentation by type, technical characteristics, etc
  • Analysis of imports and exports
  • Detailed analysis of several significant competitors on Hungarian sandwich panels market
  • Macroeconomic information

More information about the content of the research on its product page or in the brochure.

A strong 15+ years experience in the market research field, and with more than 65+ studies conducted only in the sandwich panels market sector (on different markets, mostly in CEE countries), gives Neomar Consulting the right to strongly suggest that you can’t find a better report! Actually, there isn’t!

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