Why is this study necessary?


There is a need for information in the market.

In the last 12 months, Neomar Consulting was requested both independently by a number of carpentry manufacturers and by several suppliers of raw materials for this industry (profiles and glass) to provide a series of statistics and information related to the thermal insulating joinery sector in Romania.


There is no systematically aggregated data.

In Romania, there are no official statistics (from the INS) about the market of PVC or aluminum profiles, nor are there a series of well-defined information collection channels, through which information can be collected systematically and completely. The only sources of information about this market are a series of analyzes from specialized publications and a macroeconomic study conducted outside Romania.


We offer the viable solution.

Through the portfolio of projects carried out in the last 15 years, Neomar Consulting has demonstrated that it has the capacity and research methodologies to offer a study that meets the following requirements:

  1. To present realistic statistics about the Romanian market
  2. To systematically and completely collect a relevant set of market information
  3. To be carried out at least annually
  4. To be effective in terms of costs borne by clients for access to information

This study is the vision of Neomar Consulting for the implementation of a project to analyze the heat-insulating carpentry market in Romania.

How can this study help you?

  1. You have a complete picture of the market of PVC and aluminum profiles in Romania.
  2. The analysis will answer questions related to:
    1. how big is the market
    2. how it is segmented,
    3. who are the most important competitors
    4. what are the trends
  3. Currently, information of this type is not available either at the INS or in other public or private sources.
  4. Validate your own information and market data
  5. Set realistic goals for the company.
  6. Adjust the investment policy in accordance with the market situation and trends.
  7. You can transparently inform the company’s shareholders and partners about the situation in the Romanian market
  8. Use the information from the study as support in making business plans, requests for financing or refinancing, specific documentation for accessing European funds, etc.

What will the study contain? What does it consist of?

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