Neomar Consulting conducted during May 22 – June 7, 2019, an unprecedented study with the goal to determine the opinions of the architect’s community regarding the acoustic insulation materials used in projects for different types of civil engineering.

The research allowed us to gain a better understanding about the importance of acoustic insulation in a direct way; by determining the recommendations of architects regarding the best solutions for acoustic insulation of the interior walls and indirectly; by determining, from architects perspective, the end-user requirements for acoustic comfort parameters.

In order to collect information in a structured way, we conducted interviews over the phone, based on a questionnaire, with top 100 architecture companies in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, and Timisoara.

Here are some key findings that we get with the help of the professional community of architects:

  • What percentage of end-customers had specific requirements for acoustic isolation parameters?
  • Which is the degree of application of the acoustics standard in construction and urban areas?
  • Which are the most recommended constructive solutions for acoustic insulation of the interior walls?
  • And other interesting aspects …

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