In April 2019, we continued the release of our annual market survey for sandwich panels in Romania, but this year we reward our customers, along with consistent data about the market, with a new format in presenting the analysis through an interactive mode.

The report can be accessed via a web browser application that is intuitive and easily accessible on all devices (PC, laptops, tablets, telephones) just with a simple login.

Key data contained in the report:

  • Market size (volume-sqm and value-euro)
  • Local production and key facts regarding development of local market
  • Import and export (volumes / values – detailed by county)
  • Market shares of the main competitors
  • Market segmentation by constructive characteristics (PUR, PIR, EPS, MW, thicknesses, destinations)
  • Competition analysis, etc.

Unique or integrated analysis. You get a relevant set of statistics regarding sandwich panels market and relevant figures regarding imports and exports in/from Romania and about the local market, or you can purchase an extensive package regarding the development of sandwich panels market in CEE region.

Frankly speaking, you won’t find a better deal, whether you try to get a similar report through your own staff or through another research agency!