In April, this year, we’ve updated our comprehensive report (34 pages) regarding the Hungarian market for sandwich panels.

As in previous years, the market research is focused on the sandwich panel market segment in the broader context of the Hungarian construction market.

We’ve have updated the following analyzes:

  • Macroeconomic information
  • Market size
  • Imports and exports
  • Market shares of the main players
  • Market segmentation according to construction characteristics (PUR, PIR, MW, thicknesses, destinations)

In addition to a complete and reliable set of information, about the Hungarian sandwich panel market, we can help our clients with an extensive package regarding the development of the sandwich panel markets in neighboring countries:

  • Albania
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria
  • Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • North Macedonia
  • Republic of Moldova

In order to have access to all the necessary information, please access the study brochure, with a simple click!