Imports and Exports of sandwich panels in CEE – 2020


Neomar Consulting completed in June 2020, an update of its report focused on the sandwich panel market in Eastern European countries.

The report covers the whole of Eastern Europe.

The following countries are covered by the analysis carried out by Neomar Consulting:

  • Albania
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Northern Macedonia

What information can you find in the report?

Key information presented in the report for each country:

  • Imports/exports of thermal insulation panels – quantity and value (full year)
  • Imports / exports of thermal insulation panels – quantity and value (quarter / semester)
  • Structure of imports/exports by country of origin (last semester/quarter)
  • The structure of imports/exports according to the country of origin – 2016-Q1 2020

Main benefits of this report:

  • Find out, in detail, where were exported the panels from Romania, but also from neighboring countries!
  • The data were verified from two sources (both from the National Institute of Statistics of the exporting country and from the National Institute of Statistics of the importing country). Thus, the differences caused by the non-declaration / non-statistical registration of some quantities were eliminated.
  • The information is presented for the period 2016-Q1 2020 and conclusions can be drawn related to the market trend.
  • The evolution of imports and exports is an important indicator of the trends for thermal insulation panels markets in each country.
  • We provide the possibility to update the information quarterly so that you are permanently informed.
  • The correlation of the information regarding the country of origin and the country of destination offers the possibility to make some estimates of the market shares of the local producers.
  • The cost of information is affordable.

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