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Analysis of the Romanian footwear market


For a better understanding of the Romanian market of footwear and of the main companies active in this industry in terms of their size and impact on the market, Neomar Consulting conducted in September 2017, second edition of this research with the objective of delivering centralized statistics related to the market size and segmentation.

Who should use this research?

  • Manufacturers/Distributors of footwear in Romania
  • Suppliers of machinery and raw materials for the industry of footwear in Romania.
  • Investors interested in this industry
  • Which is the content of the research?

Our analysis provides a complete  and detailed picture of the size and the evolution of the market in Romania, including at the level of sub-segments, which can be used for:

  1. For substantiation of strategies and business plans
  2. Support information for grant applications or other documents required by banks or other financiers, including completing the application forms for the EU funding.
  3. Better evaluation of the Romanian market  potential
  4. Informing the foreign partners/shareholders about the market context in Romania
  5. Various strategic or operational decisions

The contents of the study:

1. Analysis of the total market size and trends 

1.1. Local production (2013- S1 2017)

1.1.1. Local production analysis
1.1.2. Local production  analysis (2013-S1 2017) – by type of footwear
1.1.3. Sales of footwear from domestic production broken down by internal/external markets and by type of footwear
1.1.4. The average price/pair for local production – by type of footwear
1.1.5. The exports of Romanian producers By type of footwear – quantity and value By country of destination – quantity and value The average price of export – by type of footwear The average price of export – by countries of destination

1.2. Import of footwear in Romania – 2012-S1 2017
1.2.1. By type of footwear  – quantity and value
1.2.2. By country of destination – quantity and value
1.2.3. The average price of imports  – by type of footwear
1.2.4. The average price of imports  – by countries of destination

1.3. The analysis of the average price – local production, Import, Export

1.4. The size of the local market (local production + import-export) – quantity and value

2. The analysis of the competition – footwear manufacturers in Romania

2.1. The total number of local producers

2.2. Economic statistics about the local producers
2.2.1. Segmentation by company size (by turnover, by number of employees, etc)
2.2.2. The profitability of the companies
2.2.3. The productivity of the companies (Turnover/Employee)
2.2.4.  Geographical statistics – the location of manufacturers of footwear

3. Distribution (sales) of footwear

3.1. The total number of distributors (companies specialized in footwear retail)

3.2. Economic statistics about the distributors
3.2.1.  Segmentation by company size (by turnover, by number of employees, etc)
3.2.2.  The profitability of the companies
3.2.3.  The productivity of the companies (Turnover/Employee)

4. Trends in consumption

5. Macroeconomic statistics regarding population incomes and consumption

5.1. The evolution of the revenues/household and the structure of the consumer spendings
5.1.1 Detailed analysis of  the consumer spendings for apparel and footwear

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