Analysis of the coffee market in Romania – June 2022


This report gives you an overview of the coffee market in Romania, with an emphasis on trends in coffee consumption.

The content of the report is outlined below:

1. Data on the coffee market in the European Union (EU28)
1.1. The volume of coffee consumption
1.2. Coffee consumption per capita

2. Statistical data about the demographic structure in Romania
2.1. Population and demographic structure
2.2. Per capita spending on coffee compared to other food products
2.3. Annual consumption of various categories of beverages (volume)
2.4. Annual consumption of coffee, tea, and cocoa – by population segmentation

3. Analysis of the Romanian coffee market
3.1. Coffee production in Romania
3.2. Imports by country of origin and types of products – Quantitative (tons) and Value (mil. EUR)
3.3. Exports by destination countries – Quantitative (tons) and Value (mil. EUR)
3.4. The size of the coffee market in Romania

4. Presentation of the main competitors (roasting plants) in Romania

5. The local coffee market: drivers, trends, the medium-term forecast
5.1. Main drivers in the coffee market
5.2. Trends in the coffee market
5.3. Forecast of the local coffee market in the medium term

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