Analysis of the Apple Juice Market in Romania – 2023


We are delighted to present you with the latest report prepared by Neomar Consulting, focused on the in-depth analysis of the apple juice market in Romania. With comprehensive information and clear insights, this report provides a thorough overview of the industry dynamics and trends, offering essential clues for decision-makers in the food sector.

What will you find in our report?

  • Detailed analysis of the European market for apple juice, including total imports in the EU27 area and local production.
  • Assessment of the local market for apple juice in Romania, including volume, market structure, imports, and exports.
  • Overview of the beverage market in Romania, with a focus on the ‘still drinks‘ segment.
  • Analysis of the key competitors in the local industry of apple and tomato juices.
  • Identification of the unmet demand in the domestic and foreign markets for apple juice.

Who is this report for?

  • Producers and Distributors: We provide essential data for developing market strategies and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Investors and Financial Analysts: We offer clear perspectives for evaluating investment potential in the apple juice sector.
  • Professionals in the Food Industry: This report serves as a valuable source of information for understanding the market and adapting to consumer requirements.

In conclusion, our report offers a comprehensive picture of the apple juice market in Romania, serving as an indispensable tool for strategic orientation in this dynamic sector.

Detailed Table of Contents:

1. Analysis of the European Market for Apple Juice

1.1. Total Imports of Apple Juice in the EU27 Area
1.1.1. Top Importing Countries of Apple Juice in the EU27 – by Volume
1.2. Total Local Production of Apple Juice in the EU27

2. Analysis of the Fruit Juices and Derived Products Market

2.1. Volume of Upstream Production – Fresh Fruit Market in Romania

3. Analysis of the Apple Juice Market in Romania

3.1. Local Market for Apple Juice – Volume and Value
3.1.1. Structure of the Local Apple Juice Market
3.1.2. Imports of Apple Juice – Volume and Value
3.1.3. Exports of Apple Juice – Volume and Value

4. Overview of the Beverage Market in Romania

4.1. Size of the Still Drinks Market and Segmentation
4.2. Competitive Environment in the Still Drinks Market
4.3. Still Drinks: Trends, Potential, and Medium-Term Forecast

5. Analysis of Key Competitors in the Local Apple and Tomato Juice Market

6. Analysis of Unmet Demand for Apple Juice

6.1. Unmet Demand in the Domestic Market
6.2. Unmet Demand in Key Foreign Markets

Appendix 1: Consumption of Soft Drinks in Romania in the European Context

The report is available in Romanian but can be translated into English upon request, at an additional cost. For more details about this report, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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