Bituminous waterproofing Membranes Market in Romania – 2022 edition


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Bituminous waterproofing Membranes Market in Romania – 2022 edition

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For 15 years, a unique study conducted by Neomar Consulting on the market segment of  pitched roofs provided a detailed analysis of the Romanian market. From 2020, we have initiated also a new project to complete the need for information and measurement of the waterproofing market for flat roofs, a study that registered a high interest among the main players in the market.

The study provides a complete set of information about the market and the competitive environment

Products analyzed:

  • Bituminous membranes
  • HDPE membranes
  • PVC membranes
  • EPDM membranes (rubber)

Main information outputs, for the period 2017-2021:

  • The estimated market size
  • Market segmentation according to the following criteria:
    • By type of products (bituminous vs. synthetic; initial layer vs. final layer, etc.)
    • According to the size of the competitors
    • Depending on the destination (types of projects)
    • Depending on the distribution channels
  • Identification of the trends specifically manifested on this market, in the last 3 years
  • Identification of the main factors that have influenced the market

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