Top 40 steel distributors in Romania


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Top 40 steel distributors in Romania

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reports_img_94Every year, over 2,000,000 tons of steel products (flat products, profiles, reinforcing steel, wirerods, pipes) are distributed in Romania. We have grouped in a database the top distributors.

Neomar Consulting will help you quickly identify trading partners.

We have grouped in a report the main distributors of steel productsfrom Romania who contribute each year to the distribution of anapproximately 2,000,000 tons of steel products. The research conducted by Neomar Consulting offers a complete overview over the main steel distributors in Romania which have a size large enough to be continuously supplied by steel mills located in the country or abroad.

The following information is provided for each distribuitor as a datasheet:


  • General information (full name and address, ownership, year of establishment)
  • Key contacts
  • Analysis of financial information (turnover, revenue, no. of employees)
  • Product range distributed
  • Other relevant information (including shareholdings in other companies).


  • Sales estimation – by volume (TONS) – by main steel products
  • Total sales volume
  • Segmentation by year and by main steel products
  • Segmentation by quantity (tons) – by main steel products

3. REGIONAL PRESENCE Details about the regional spread of company’s warehouses and commercial offices 4. COMPANY’S TARGET MARKET – Main types of clients category: – Geographical spread of company’s sales (estimations) 5. STEEL-SERVICE SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT HELD Report size: The report is about 70 pages long (1-2 page long datasheet for each distributor). Methodology: The information was collected through next sources:

  • Statistical sources and interviews with experts
  • Previous researches made by Neomar Consulting
  • Desk research (press, public databases, etc.)
  • Other information.

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