Romanian market of industrial forklift and hand pallet trucks


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Romanian market of industrial forklift and hand pallet trucks

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coperta raport stivuitoareNeomar Consulting has completed a market analysis of imports and records for industrial forklift trucks and hand pallet trucks in Romania. The study provides an overview picture on market evolution during the period 2010-2014. The report is available in Romanian language (optional in English).

The research covers the following products:

  • Electric forklift trucks
  • Diesel-gasoline powered forklift trucks
  • Electric powered pallet trucks
  • Hand pallet trucks

The content of the study:

  • Total value of imports – 2010-2014 (million euros)
  • Total volume of imports – 2010-2014 (number of machines). You can have an overview picture of market size and you can estimate company’s market share.
  • The average import price (EUR / piece).
  • Detailed analysis by country of origin (2010-2014) – depending on the value, number of pieces and average price of imported units (such correlations can be made regarding the activity of your main competitors).
  • The number of industrial forklift trucks registered in Romania (last 3 years – 2012 – 2014) (according to ISCIR).

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