Precast concrete products- Romania – 2016


Field: Building Materials, Concrete products

Precast concrete products- Romania – 2016

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Imagine repr beton1 - Cercetare de piață și consultanță de marketingNeomar Consulting has completed in September 2016 a detailed analysis of the precast concrete products market in Romania.

Market segments researched:

The study covers the following types of precast concrete products:

  • Products for buildings and structures
  • Road building and other infrastructure related products
  • Fluid transportation and waste-water management
  • Concrete poles (for power distribution network )

Who should read this study?

  • Producers of precast concrete products
  • Suppliers of equipment and raw materials for precast concrete industry
  • Investors interested in the construction and / or precast concrete market

Unique benefits and information outputs of this analysis:

  • A complete overview of precast concrete market in Romania;
  • Market size by quantity and value 2008-2016;
  • Estimated market shares of major competitors – 2008-2016;
  • Market segmentation by type – 2008-2016;
  • Allows a better estimation of the existing market trends and market potential
  • Understand the competition: economic and financial information regarding main competitors in this industry presented as a data-sheet
  • Allows you to  set realistic goals for the following period
  • Adjust your marketing and sales strategy according to the market outlook

All information in one accessible and easy-to-read document .

Information is presented in synthetic format as charts and tables, allowing a quick reading.

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Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. You shall find there all the necessary information, including detailed contact, prices and ordering information. For further details, please contact us! [email-download download_id=”6284″ contact_form_id=”5096″] (Limitations: Please note that due to various confidentiality agreements signed, Neomar Consulting reserves the right to select its clients for this market research)

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