Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Market Analysis – Romania 2013


Field: Building Materials, Construction Industry, Other industrial products, Thermal insulation materials

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Market Analysis – Romania 2013

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reports_img_99The EPS market is one of the segments of building-materials market in Romania relatively untouched by the economic crisis. This market now unveils its secrets through this research conducted by Neomar Consulting. One can clearly see the significant impact of thermal rehabilitation program over this segment.

Key questions answered:

  1.  How large is the Romanian EPS market (cubic meters)?
  2. What is market value? How much EPS is sold every year in Romania?
  3. How many producers are there? Where are they located? How big are they? Which are the major competitors?
  4. Where are the regions where it sells most?
  5. Which are the key distribution channels used for the sale of EPS?
  6. Which is the medium term forecast for the Romanian construction market?

Information gathered through a verified methodology by experienced analysts.

  • There have been invested over 200 hours of work in collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information.
  • Many sources of information have been used, from official statistics to expert interviews and information collected from companies active on this market.

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