+ 1.100 building materials distributors list in Romania


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+ 1.100 building materials distributors list in Romania

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Finding a reliable database regarding Romanian construction sector is difficult. This is why Neomar Consulting realized in March 2011 a 100% verified list containing Romanian companies selling building materials.

100% verified content

This database is not a simple list collected from various sources, as many other databases. All 1.100 companies were verified by telephone by Neomar Consulting’s interviewers.

Who should use this database?

– Building materials manufacturers wishing to expand their distribution network – Building materials importers – Large distributors of building materials

The database contains distributors of…

– Ceramic Bricks (including the brands they sell) – AAC (including the brands they sell) – Roof tiles and roofing systems – Paint – Waterproofing membranes – Polystyrene / Mineral wool – Parquet / doors / windows

What contact details are available for each company?

For each record there is available the following information: – Company’s name – Type of building materials sold – County – City – Telephone

More details and how to buy?

Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. You shall find there all the necessarry information, including detailed contact, prices and ordering information. For further details, please contact us! [email-download download_id=”5328″ contact_form_id=”5096″]

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