Analysis of the market for medical specific laboratory analysis services in Romania


Field: Healthcare

Analysis of the market for medical specific laboratory analysis services in Romania

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Neomar Consulting is currently undertaking a multiclient study on sizing the medical laboratory analysis market in Romania.

Table of contents

1. Preamble, definitions, methodology

1.1. Methodological specifications and copyright

1.2. Defining the relevant market

1.2.1. What are medical laboratory analysis services?

1.2.2. Methodological notes regarding the classification of the health facilities analyzed in this study

2. Socio-demographic information and regarding the state of health of the population

2.1. The population 

2.2. The incomes of the population by region and at national level

2.3. Contextual analysis of the main indicators regarding the health status of the population

2.3.1. Birth rate

2.3.2. General mortality / specific mortality rates

2.3.3. Life expectancy

2.3.4. Morbidity

3. Analysis of the current situation of the health system in Romania

3.1. The structure of the sanitary network

3.2. Health personnel – general analysis

4. Overview of the medical analysis laboratory sector

4.1. Macro-economic analysis of companies according to the relevant CAEN

4.2. Estimation of the number of medical analysis laboratories

5. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the medical laboratory analysis market

5.1. Health expenditure: national and regional

5.2. Analysis of the total number of outpatient consultations granted to patients, in the health units of public and private sector – national and regional

5.3. Analysis of the total number of paraclinical investigations settled in 2020 (laboratory analyses, radiology and medical imaging investigations) – national and regional

5.4. Analysis of public financing of laboratory medical analysis services

5.5. Market and competition analysis – value dimension and competition

5.6. Estimation of the total size of the medical analysis market – national and by region. Estimated market shares of the main competitors

5.7. Synthesis of the competitive environment

6. Medium-term forecast of the laboratory analysis market

6.1. Analysis of needs in the field of laboratory analyzes at regional and national level

6.2. SWOT analysis of the health system

6.3. Medical analysis market forecast

6.4. Development recommendations in the field of medical laboratory analyzes at the regional level

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