Analysis of the furniture and MDF fronts and boards market in Romania – June 2021


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Analysis of the furniture and MDF fronts and boards market in Romania – June 2021

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In June 2021, Neomar Consulting has finalized a new edition of the report focused on the furniture industry in Romania, this time adding a section about MDF and melamine boards (as main raw materials in the sector).

The report comprises a detailed statistical analysis of the furniture industry in Romania (local production, local consumption, imports, exports, segmentations by product groups / price levels / origin of products within local sales, etc.), and also specific chapters on the market for most common types of boards used in furniture production.

Information output includes an overview of competition landscape not only in the finished product market (furniture), but also in the market for MDF and melamine boards. Furthermore, one can also find trends, market drivers and forecast for the analyzed markets.


Table of contents

1. Introduction

1.1. The materials used for furniture production

1.2. What are MDF boards and what are their advantages?

1.3. Advantages of MDF as compared to melamine chipboard

2. The market of MDF and melamine chipboard in Romania

2.1. Total market size for MDF and melamine chipboard for furniture

2.1.1. MDF boards market segmentation by origin

2.1.2. The evolution of imports by type of MDF boards MDF boards with applied decoration MDF boards without applied decoration

2.1.3. Total size of the melamine chipboard market (used for furniture)

3. Presentation of the target customers for MDF boards: furniture manufacturers in Romania

3.1. The competitive environment in furniture production

3.2. Estimated market shares of the main players in the Romanian furniture market

4. Analysis of customer requirements for painted MDF boards and fronts in Romania

4.1. The value chain regarding the production of MDF boards and fronts

4.2. Segmentation of the market for MDF boards (for furniture), by processing method

4.3. Analysis of the requirements regarding MDF and melamine chipboard, amongst users (furniture manufacturers)

4.3.1. Type of furniture produced (destination)

4.3.2. Degree of furniture customization

4.3.3. Materials used for furniture production

4.3.4. Market trends regarding materials for fronts

4.4. Competitive environment – ​​main suppliers of painted MDF boards

4.5. Estimated market shares of the main suppliers of painted and laminated MDF boards

4.6. Detailed description of the competitors (brief profiles)

4.6.1. Company: NETT FRONT SRL



4.9. Company: STELCO SRL


4.11. Company: REGENCY FRONT SRL

4.12. Company: GAMALEON SRL

4.13. Company: SIBO SRL

5. Forecast of the market for boards used for furniture in Romania

5.1. The forecasted evolution of the MDF and melamine chipboard market (used for furniture)
5.2. The predicted evolution of the consumption of MDF fronts (used for furniture), by processing method
5.2.1. Analysis of the production capacity for suppliers of MDF fronts
5.2.2. Comparative analysis of consumption, demand and production capacity

6. Analysis of the target market: Romanian furniture industry – trends and evolution

6.1. The size and evolution of the furniture market in Romania

6.2. Analysis of furniture imports by country and main product groups

6.3. Analysis of furniture exports by country and main product groups

6.4. Segmentation of the furniture market in Romania

6.4.1. Segmentation by product origin

6.4.2. Segmentation by price levels

6.4.3. Segmentation by main product groups

6.5. The Romanian furniture market in European context

6.6. Market drivers, trends and forecasting

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