Analysis of sandwich panels market in Turkey – 2014

Other countries – Eastern Europe, Turcia

Field: Building Materials, Sandwich panels

Analysis of sandwich panels market in Turkey – 2014

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The multinational research of the sandwich panels and corrugated sheets markets realized by Neomar Consulting has expanded, once again, its geographical scope.

During April-May 2014, Neomar Consulting conducted a study in the insulated sandwich panels in the Turkish market.

Key advantages of our research:

  • Analyzes construction market in Turkey. Provides a macroeconomic synthesis.
  • Identifies the main trends and factors that influence the construction market.
  • Identifies and present in detail the main sandwich panel manufacturers from Turkey
    • Complete list of manufacturers of sandwich panels from Turkey
    • Number and geographical location of production facilities (production plants)
    • Presents the range of products for each competitor
  • Provides a complete set of information on market size and segmentation:
    • Total market size (volume and value)
    • Historic evolution of the market – 2011-2013
    • Total production volume of sandwich panels in Turkey and segmentation by destination (export vs. domestic market)
    • Market segmentation by type of panels (PUR, PIR, mineral wool, EPS) and trends regarding this segmentation
    • Competition analysis – provides individual information about each local player (financial information, estimated production and sales, segmentation of sales by type of panel).
    • Other information

A full table of contents of our report and other information can be found in the project’s brochure.

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