Market Analysis of Yogurt and Butter in Romania – 2017-2030e


Field: Food and FMCG

Market Analysis of Yogurt and Butter in Romania – 2017-2030e

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Understanding market dynamics is crucial for the success of any business in the food industry. With a comprehensive analysis spanning from 2017 to 2030e, the study conducted by Neomar Consulting reveals the trends and developments in the local yogurt and butter market in Romania.

What will you discover in our study?

Market Size Analysis:

  • Volume and value of the local market
  • Imports and exports
  • Estimation of domestic consumption

Analysis of Key Players:

  • Financial data of the most important players in the local market
  • Trends and Future Expectations:
  • Relevant macroeconomic factors
  • Market forecast for the upcoming period

Who could benefit from this market study?

  • Manufacturers and Distributors: Provides a detailed insight into the market for strategic decision-making and product placement.
  • Investors and Financial Analysts: Provides essential information for evaluating the growth potential and profitability of businesses in the industry.
  • Food Industry Professionals: A reference source for fully understanding the market and adapting to changes in the economic environment.

Regardless of position in the industry, this market study is a valuable tool for navigating the complex landscape of the yogurt and butter industry in Romania.

Detailed Contents:

1. Yogurt and Butter Market in Romania (local consumption)

1.1. Yogurt Market in Romania
1.2. Butter Market in Romania

2. Production of Yogurt and Butter in Romania

2.1. Total production
2.2. Segmentation of local production by product type
2.3. Segmentation of local production by destination

3. Imports and exports of yogurt and butter to/from Romania

3.1. Imports
3.1.1. Total imports
3.1.2. Segmentation of imports by product type
3.1.3. Main importing countries as source of origin
3.2. Exports
3.2.1. Total exports
3.2.2. Main exporting countries as destination

4. Local competitive environment

4.1. Estimated market shares of the main Romanian yogurt and butter producers in total local consumption

Annex 1. EuroStat statistical codes, analyzed in relation to the yogurt and butter market
Annex 2. Macroeconomic statistical data

How to obtain this study (click here)?

The report is available in Romanian, but can be translated into English upon request, for an additional cost. For more details about this report, please do not hesitate to contact us

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