Neomar Consulting conducted the 4th annual edition of its study focused on roof coverings market (metal tiles, concrete and ceramic tiles, shingles and corrugated bituminous plates). According to this market study, in 2008 the total value of the roofing systems market in Romania totalled 179 million euro, +18% compared to previous year. Growth rates were estimated based on projections reported through written questionnaires and within a series of expert interviews, attended by most important providers of roofing systems operating on the market in Romania. In total, in Romania in 2008 approximately 179 million euros of roof tiles and coverings were sold.  

Metal tiles dominate the market. 
In 2008, 50% of the total market is held by metallic tiles, 16% of sales is attributed to the traditional ceramic tiles, concrete tiles register 15%, while the rest is held by corrugated bituminous shingle and other bituminous coverings (excluding membranes).
Three regions hold almost half the market 
The highest sales are registered in the central part of Romania, Northwest, Northeast and Bucharest. Each type of roofing material is focused on specific regions, according to the specific construction and typical weather conditions. Thus 3 area accumulate half of the total market: Center (20%) and Northwest (14%), Northeast (14%). 

The market is still fragmented … According to Neomar Consulting estimates, currently on the market operates more than 60 providers of roof coverings. Among the producers of metal tiles can be found  mostly small companies, mainly due to relatively low investment required for a startup and the simple technological process. Only five companies managed to gather between 5-10% market share by value. 

… but the competition is sharpening! If between 2005-2008 we witnessed the start-up of new producers, especially in the  metal tiles sector, Neomar Consulting predicts overheating of the competitive struggle in 2009, especially amid the global economic crisis and decline in the number of construction compared to years ago. Most of the companies investigated in the study have significantly reduced their marketing budget in 2009 compared to 2008, focusing its efforts to reduce costs and consequently on prices. 

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