A new study by Neomar Consulting takes a crisp picture of Romanian steel products market focusing on: hot and cold rolled steets, galvanized sheets and the whole range of hot and cold rolled profiles. Neomar Consulting has conducted between February – March 2009 a detailed sectoral analysis of the Romanian market of steel products (steel sheets and profiles). Information is presented as an annual report which now reached its third edition. 

The study has a modular structure and includes: 
– Module 1 – Hot rolled and cold rolled sheets
– Module 2 – Zinc coated steel sheets (galvanized) and board type alu-zinc 
– Module 3 – Pre-painted steel sheets
– Module 4 – Hot and cold rolled profiles (all types and sizes are analyzed)

You can benefit of complete and well structured information about the market of metallurgical products. Data presented in the study provides an overview of market size in Romania and its segmentation. In this analysis a series of market trends, including evolution of prices, are presented between 2005-2008 timeframe. 

The study is useful for creating business plans, setting up the sales and marketing objectives, creating strategies for a better penetration of the market. 

More details are available in presentation of study.