This report brings together the most up-to-date information available on more than 50 manufacturers in the Central and Eastern European region.  A comprehensive list on all sandwich panels producers in CEE region along with detailed information regarding their products, production processes, size and other economic data.

 Information was obtained by contacting each company directly in order to verify details of their business activities.
The geographic scope is as follows:

  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia

Content of the report:

  • Technical background: Brief outline indicating panel types and manufacturing processes
  • Company Profiles: Each company profile contains the following:
    • Contact Details (commercial and technical)
    • Insulating Core Material Used: Stone Wool, Glass Wool, PU, PIR, EPS, XPS, Other
    • Outer Skin Material Used: Steel, Aluminium, Bitumen, Aluminium Foil, Other
    • Estimated annual production in square meters
    • Annual capacity of production in square meters
    • Manufacturing Process (continuous/discontinuous)
    • Manufacturing Plant Locations
    • Other products and services offered
    • Main Trade Names / Brands
    • Financial details (turnover, no. of employees, profit) (note: available only for certain countries)

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