After a continuous downward trend within the last three years (2009-2011), the Romanian market of precast concrete products grew slightly by 3% in 2012.

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This information is confirmed by a recent study conducted by Neomar Consulting, which analyzed the major market segments of precast concrete market:
  • Buildings products 
  • Road-infrastructure related products
  • Water Transportation and Wastewater Products
  • Concrete poles for electric power distribution
One of the key factors contributing to this market growth was the increase of road infrastructure projects, in 2012 being completed about 160 km of highway.
Deliveries for buildings / supra-structures and water/ wastewater works were maintained in 2012 at a straight level comparable to the one recorded in 2011, while deliveries of concrete poles for power-lines have decreased by about 20%.
The slight growth from  in 2012 will probably not be registered this year since the construction industry has been affected primarily by the delay of road / infrastructure projects (especially the starting of the new projects scheduled or signed).Please access this link for additional information regarding this research or if you want to buy its report.