In collaboration with VEKA Romania, Neomar Consulting recently conducted an Mystery Shopping analysis. It was a pilot project which took place in Romania’s main two cities – Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. 15 showrooms that sell thermo-insulated doors and windows were analyzed.

The study objectives were:

  • Identifying and analyzing the specific branding elements of VEKA in showroom and commercial or promotional materials received from the dealer by a typical end-user (including offer).
  • Analysis of the number of salespeople (or other commercial personnel) present in the vendor’s premises.
  • Determination of VEKA positioning in relation to its competitors, in terms of information provided by sales staff.
  • Identification of the proposed solutions and price – products quoted in relation to two requests:
    • high end products
    • budget products (or economic segment).
  • The identification of sale arguments and informations provided by salesmen in relation to the variety of different features (thermal insulation, sound, quality, warranty, brand performance, etc).

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