cover prepainted Recently, in order to bring more transparency on the pre-painted steel sheets (PPGI) market in Eastern Europe, Neomar Consulting conducted a research in this sector.

The following countries / markets are analysed in our report:

  • Hungary
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Romania (also available as a separate and more detailed report)

So, we are able to provide you statistics about commercial trades (imports/ exports) between the neighboring countries and about the PPGI estimated consumption in every country.

The main advantages of the project

  • The information is presented for 2010-2014 timeframe and for the first months of 2015 (updated with 3 months delay from actual date) – therefore you can draw market trends for ongoing year.
  • Imports and Exports are important indicators of market trends in each country.
  • There is also  available a brief profile of the main consumers of pre-painted steel sheet in each country.
  • The cost of information is accessible and the report is available in English language.

The content of the report for each country

1. Analysis of imports and exports of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets (PPGI); estimated market size – 2010–2015. 1.1. Evolution of PPGI imports by quantity and by value 1.2. Breakdown of PPGI imports by country of origin (quantity and by value) 1.3. Average price per tonne of PPGI imports (total / by couuntry of origin) 1.4. Exports of pre-painted sheet by quantity and by value 1.5. Estimated market size for PPGI in each analysed country 2. Analysis of key consumers of pre-painted steel in each country. Each company profile contains the following:

  • Contact Details (commercial and/or technical)
  • Insulating Core Material Used (for sandwich panel manufacturers): Stone Wool, Glass Wool, PU, PIR, EPS, XPS, Other
  • Manufacturing Process (continuous/discontinuous
  • Manufacturing Plant Locations
  • Other products and services offered
  • Main Trade Names / Brands
  • Financial details (2012-2013) (turnover, no. of employees, profit) (note: available only for certain countries

How to order our report?

Fill in your contact details and download the project’s brochure. You shall find there all the necessary information, including detailed contact, prices and ordering information. For further details, please contact us!