There is now available a detailed and updated study focused on most important steel products. news img 74 - Cercetare de piață și consultanță de marketing Neomar Consulting has recently conducted an analysis on the Romanian of hot and cold-rolled steel sheets and coils and laminated profiles. Information can be found in a report which has now reached the third annual edition. The data enclosed in the study provides an overview of the market size and trends as well as specific details as market-prices, market  segmentation and other information The following categories of steel products are included into the analysis:

  • Hot-rolled steel sheet
  • Cold-rolled steel sheet
  • Galvanized steel sheet
  • Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet
  • The entire range of laminated profiles

The study is highly useful for business planning, evaluating individual market segments and developing strategies and budgets for 2011. To evaluate the content and to order this research please download the presentation brochure and fill in the order form available on the last page.