Neomar Consulting has recently conducted a study on Romanian residential construction market based on statistical information. The study draws a complete portrait of market and provides a medium term forecast of this industry. news img 76 - Cercetare de piață și consultanță de marketing

Who should read this study?

  • Real estate developers
  • Financing institutions
  • Main suppliers and producers of building materials
  • Consulting companies

10 unique benefits of this analysis.

1.    An answer to current issues. Contains a complete set of data which answers to the question: What will happen to the construction sector in Romania during 2011-2013? 

2.    Saves time. Contains in a single document all relevant statistical indicators about the construction sector in Romania. Over 300 hours of work were invested in the collection, dissemination, analysis and data processing.

3.    A conjugate analysis of the factors that influence the evolution of the construction sector, including macroeconomic environment, real estate, income of the population, construction carried out by the population on own account and other influences.  

4.    An 360° analysis of real estate market in Romania, including all relevant aspects (funding, demand, income of the population, the size of the actual demand)
5.    Economy of financial resources. The modest price of the study will offer a significant cost advantage compared to information synthesized through internal resources. Making a similar analysis internally would lead to an actual cost about 15 times higher taking into account the cost of information and qualified human resources involved.

6.    Data updated up to 1st half 2010. 
7.    Medium term forecast (2011-2015) of the evolution of construction sector. 
8.    Brief statistics about the main construction materials in Romania (cement, masonry materials, roofing systems market, insulation materials).
9.    Quarterly updates. Since October 2010, Neomar Consulting offers the possibility to receive quarterly updates of the information included in the research.

10.    Regional analysis. A number of indicators and analysis are presented both nationally and regionally. This way you can estimate the potential of local or regional market easily.

How to order this study?

To have a better understanding of the content of the research and to order it, please download the brochure.