Will the residential buildings construction works increase? news_img_87 Neomar Consulting provides an answer to this question in the 2-nd edition of its study: “Analysis of the Romanian construction sector and medium term prospects”, which contains a 360⁰ analysis of the local construction sector, all relevant statistical indicators and a medium term forecast. 10 unique benefits of this analysis: 1. A documented answer to actual problems. Contains a complete set of data which answer to the question: What will happen to the construction sector in Romania by 2011-2015? 2.Saves time. Contains in a single document all relevant statistical indicators about the Romanian construction sector. 3. A conjugate analysis of the factors that influence the construction sector, including macroeconomics, real estate, income of the population, construction carried out by the population on its own and other influences. 4. A 360° analysis of the real estate market in Romania, including all relevant aspects (funding, demand, income of the population, the size of the actual demand). 5. Saves financial resources. The modest price of the study will offer a significant cost advantage compared to information synthesized through internal resources. To synthesize information were invested over 300 hours of work in the collection, dissemination, analysis and data processing. 6. Brief statistics about main building materials markets in Romania (cement, masonry materials, roofing systems, insulation materials, carpentry, etc.). 7. Analysis of public investments, including EU funds and the impact they have on the construction market. Development prospects of this sector. 8. Medium term forecast (2012-2015) of construction sector evolution. 9. Quarterly updated data. In Oct. 2011 (when the 2-ne edition of this study was released), data is updated until S1 2011. This year Neomar Consulting offers its clients quarterly updates of some data included in the study’s subscription fee (in January, April and July 2012). 10. Easy to retrieve the data in your internal documents. Our customers can benefit of editable format data (Excel, Word) in order to prepare various internal documents, reports, presentations.   HOW TO ORDER?    To order the study please fill in  and submit the order form available within the brochure of the analysis.There you can find also additional information.