In the last half of 2013 our company was involved into three marketing consulting and research projects, highly customized for our top clients.To provide a graphic illustration of our consulting capabilities, here are three projects that recently contributed to a better solving of our clients’ needs. Project 1 : Market Analysis – Aggregates and ready -mix concrete Main objectives:

  • Assessment of market size for aggregates and ready-mix concrete
  • Analysis of the market segmentation and fragmentation
  • Analysis of upstream and downstream integration for major competitors
  • Main uses for aggregates and ready-mix concrete
  • Regional analysis of the market (customers – suppliers – market size)

Details about the project:

  • Type: Combined research: desk research + analysis + B2B sectoral survey (customers and competitors )
  • Extensive reach:
    • 200+ suppliers of aggregates and concrete interviewed (as suppliers)
    • 150+ construction companies analyzed (as customers)
    • Con-joint analysis of data from other industry analysis for concrete / cement related products (AAC, construction, precast-concrete, mineral adhesives)
  • Duration: about three months (July to September) 

Project 2 – Analysis of brand awareness a manufacturer of roofing Main problem: After a period of about two years of inactivity on a number of key distribution channels (professional roofers and specialized distributors),  Neomar’s client intends to increase again its presence on these channels. In addition, it wants to assess its current brand positioning in order to identify the necessary changes and adjustments to the brand itself but also to the marketing policy. Client’s goals are even more ambitious as the market is slightly declining and competition is stronger than ever. The main objectives of the study were:

  • Assessment of brand awareness compared to competition
  • Analysis of company’s positioning
  • Analyzing of the buying and usage patterns (for both and dealers and end-users)
  • Applicable measures to regain the lost market segments and market shares

Details about the project :

  • Type: Complex research: interviews with experts + B2B / B2C survey (customers and distributors) + Mystery Shopping survey
  • Size:
    • Two surveys: 220+ professional users and 200+ end users
    • Mystery Shopping – 40 DIY retail locations
    • Interviews with experts (purchasing managers for DIY)
  • Timeframe: about 2 months

Project 3 – Measures to increase the level of customer service of a manufacturer of roofing Main objectives: The client wanted to improve the client service level for its own distributors and also for its internal staff (requests through front-office and web site). Details about the project :

  • Type: Mystery Shopping (100 dealers competition + 30 dealers from competition)
  • Timeframe: about 1.5 months (3 weeks data collection + 3 weeks of personalized analysis)

Deliverables: At the end of the project Neomar Consulting provided its client with a customized report containing more than 10 specific recommendations, measurable and applicable with minimum resources to enhance the level of customer service.