Information about small-sized precast concrete elements market in Romania

For a better understanding of the Romanian market of small-sized recast concrete elements (ex: slabs, paving elements, concrete borders, concrete blocks, concrete gutters, elements for fences, etc.) and of the main companies active in this market in terms of their size and sales made, in June 2016 Neomar Consulting conducted a study of the market with the objective of generating centralized statistics related to the size and market segmentation.

Who should use this research?

  • Manufacturers of small-sized precast concrete elements
  • Suppliers of equipment and raw materials for small-sized precast concrete industry
  • Investors interested in the construction and / or  precast concrete industry

The advantages of our study:

  • The first detailed study of small-sized precast concrete elements market in Romania. You can find more information about the market segmentation, market share, regionalization, etc. Unlike other analyzes our report provides a detailed picture of the market and its segmentation by type of products.
  • Data was collected directly from more than 30 local producers. This is not a study carried out from the office, is a study in which the data was collected through direct or online interviews with manufacturers in the industry.
  • 100% independent and impartial study, financed and realized entirely by our company
  • Complete. There are analyzed in detail the following market segments:
    • Paving (paves, slabs)
    • Concrete borders
    • Concrete gutters
    • Masonry elements made of concrete (bricks for the foundations and walls)
    • Ornamental precast concrete products
  • Experience . With more than 10 years experience in conducting industrial market research, our clients can be sure of the correct  analysis and interpretation of the information.

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The report is available in Romanian language (optional in English). More details on the presentation page of the report (click here)