Vegetable milk market in Romania – 2023 edition


Field: Food and FMCG

Vegetable milk market in Romania – 2023 edition

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This report focused on vegetable dairy alternatives (“vegetable milk”) market in Romania, with a detailed picture of: domestic production, domestic deliveries, imports, exports, domestic consumption, competitive environment.


1. Overview of the beverage market in Romania

2. Overview of the animal milk market in Romania

3. Analysis of the vegetable milk market in Romania

3.1. Local production of vegetable milk

3.2. Segmentation of vegetable milk consumption

3.3. The competitive environment on the vegetable milk market

3.4. Vegetable milk: trends, potential and medium-term forecast

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The report is available in Romanian, but it can be translated into English upon request for an additional fee. For further details, please contact us.

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