Romanian market of galvanized steel sheets – 2015


Field: Building Materials, Steel products

Romanian market of galvanized steel sheets – 2015

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Who should use this research?

  • Large domestic distributors of galvanized steel sheet
  • Importers of galvanized steel sheet
  • Industrial users of galvanized steel sheets
  • Foreign steel mills interested in Romanian market

Which is the content of the research?

This research provides an overview of market size and trends for most relevant segments of galvanized steel sheets products. It brings the necessary tools in order to calculate your market share, to review and analyze market segmentation and enables you to set realistic targets based on the actual evolution of the entire market.


1. Domestic market of galvanized steel sheet. Evolution, quantities and market value (2007 – 2014) 1.1 Domestic production of galvanized steel sheets 1.2 Import of galvanized steel sheets

  • Annual evolution of total import of galvanized steel sheets( 2007 – 2014). Estimated market shares for main types
  • Supplying countries – TOP 10
  • The evolution of of total imports by the main countries or origin
  • Changes of percentage shares for main countries of origin to Romanian imports of galvanized steel sheets

1.3 Total market size for galvanized steel sheets. Quantity and value 2. Price analysis 2.1 Evolution of average annual import prices for the main countries of origin 2.2 Short comments on the evolution and level of import prices 2.3 Quarterly evolution of prices during the last period 3. Trends and market driving factors 3.1 Trends in the evolution of imports – analysis by country of origin 3.2 Main factors influencing the domestic consumption.

  • Macro-economic evolution. Influence of Gross Domestic Product – GDP on the domestic consumption of steel and steel products
  • Other macro-economic factors influencing the domestic market of steel products
  • Main specific factors

4. Some details on the domestic market 4.1 Consumption of galvanized steel sheet by industry 4.2 Market segmentation by thickness

  • Domestic production of galvanized sheets by type (size)
  • The share of various types of galvanized sheets in the domestic production
  • Market segmentation by thickness

4.3 Main professional users (end users) and distributors

  • The main distributors of steel products, including galvanized steel sheets
  • Consumers of galvanized sheet for production of cold-rolled profiles
  • Main consumers from other industries

5. Conclusions

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